About Me...

Chikuzen Biwa Player Cyouka Ogata

About Me...

Master of Chikuzen Biwa, Reisho-ryu

Leader of the Chikuzen Biwa Yoshino-kai


Discovered biwa at the age of 13

Studied under Mine-Kyokucho and Aoyama-Kyokushi, the founders of the Reishoryu school

Studied modern Japanese music with biwa under Junko Tahara


Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Seinan Gakuin University

Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen School of Music (20th term)


I also writes lyrics and composes biwa music.

In addition to deepening I knowledge of the classics, aims to create works of beauty and power by seeking to express human emotions and sounds that resonate with the heart in a variety of subjects and Mother Nature.

My goal is to create a stage and expression of "deep human sympathy.


My activities include performing at temples, shrines, public institutions, educational institutions, casual mini-concerts, celebratory events, butoh, theatrical performances, recitations, collaborating with art works, collaborating with overseas artists, and cooperating with sound sources, all while exploring the possibilities of the chikuzen biwa and myself.


I also devotes to teaching biwa to children with the aim of passing on culture and emotion to the next generation.



2014 Passed NHK Traditional Japanese Music           Audition 


2017 Participated in the ceremonial performance 

        at the 37th National Convention for the                Creation of an Abundant Sea in Fukuoka,            attended by Their Majesties the Emperor

        and Empress.


2018  Won the 2nd prize at the 55th Biwa Music

        Competition  (sponsored by Japan Biwa

        Music Association)


2019  Encouragement Prize at the 25th

        Kumamoto National Traditional Music



2021  Participated in SONY Play Station Game

        Music Performance

           "Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

        Version Iki no Tan 


2021  Excellence Prize, The 26th Kumamoto

        National Traditional Music Competition


2021  The 57th Japan Biwa Music Competition

        1st  Prize

        Minister of Education, Culture, Sports,

        Science and Technology Award, NHK

        President Award, Japan Biwa Music

       Association Award, Tsuji Seigou Award,

       Tsuruta Kinshi Award, Ishida Biwaten



2022  The 38th Dance and Traditional Japanese Music Performance at the invitation of the National Bunraku Theatre